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Maine’s Democratic secretary of state said that serving on the Trump voting fraud commission was the “the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been a part of.”
Republicans have long been fixated on some widespread imaginary campaign of voter fraud.
Two men discovered that the state would rather register them to vote than fight a lawsuit in court.
By Kevin Murphy (Adds response by Kansas secretary of state, last paragraph) KANSAS CITY, Kan., Sept 10 (Reuters) - The Democratic
"We need someone who can be fair and impartial and focus on the issues of secretary of state -- not this personal vendetta
Among other comments, Kobach said during the conference that an amnesty program would be a fiscal drain on the United States
The Kansas secretary of state announced Wednesday that he and his Arizona counterpart are suing the federal government in
Loomis noted that, based on the 2012 elections, most in the state's political arena are expecting outside groups to support
"I don't feel like I'm going to be able to shelter [my young children] from it much longer," he lamented to Beck. Kobach
Kobach said he was "appalled" by the action, arguing that the decision to show up on his property instead of at his office
Former state Rep. Ann Mah (D-Topeka), who leads Kansas Democrats' opposition to Kobach, told HuffPost that she was surprised
Russell County Clerk Mary Nuss told The Huffington Post that Baker will be issued a certificate of election on Monday when
"It is a power grab by Kris Kobach as part of his single-minded agenda to root out nonexistent voter fraud in Kansas," Loomis
"Democrats have to be strong," she said. "They have a good chance to take Kris Kobach out. They have to be united and work
Mah, the ranking Democrat on the state House Elections Committee, said that while she is leaving the Legislature next month
Kobach did not return a request for comment. Kansas Democrats are using the threat of suing the state's Republican secretary
"I can't wait for him to drag some snowbird off to jail," Mah said. "That will go over well with the public. They will see
Lehman did not return messages left for comment at her Wichita office. Lehman, an appointee of Secretary of State Kris Kobach