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Kristen Johnston turned to Facebook on Tuesday (Dec. 17), to tell her fans about an illness she's been facing. "The Exes" star has been diagnosed with Lupus Myelitis after months of discomfort and weakness.
Lupus itself is a mysterious disease, with no known cure. It's an inflammatory disease, meaning the immune system attacks
Johnston has also been posting supportive messages from her friends on Facebook. Kristen Johnston turned to Facebook on Tuesday
It's my sobriety birthday and the day Lindsay Lohan sits down on national TV with Saint Oprah to talk about her struggle to stay sober.
She continued by saying that she believes drug abuse is no more prevalent in celebrities than the rest of the world, but
Josh asks actress Kristen Johnston to weigh in on the death of the late "Glee" star.
This week Monica Beverly Hillz is living her truth with a big revelation. Coco Montrese schools the children, Lineysha Sparx channels "America's Sweetheart" (the other Tyra), Serena Cha Cha loses her mind and Juliette Lewis and Kristen Johnston stomp all over the judges table.
That’s hard, that surrender. I had a lot of shame, and that’s why it took me so long to get help because I did know for a
By Margaret Bristol for Bookish In the mid-1990s, Kristen Johnston was starring on the hit NBC series "3rd Rock from the
The list of celebrity causes is endless, but as the night progressed it was clear just how important SLAM is to Kirsten Johnston.