Kristin Chenoweth

Speaking at the Human Rights Campaign's 2020 gala, the "Wicked" star explained why her faith and devotion to LGBTQ rights aren't mutually exclusive.
The "Wicked" star will emphasize the female empowerment message of her latest release, "For The Girls," when she returns to Broadway this week.
The "Wicked" star enlists Ariana Grande and Dolly Parton for her new album, which honors artists who have influenced her journey.
The Broadway star has dealt with the condition for years -- sometimes even during a performance.
The show has an epic leading lady in Kristin Chenoweth.
The stars will be celebrated at the Trevor Project's annual gala.
My baby nephew is pretty much always happy. If he falls, he cries for a minute and then it is all smiles. I always say it
The star's take on "Skylark" will warm your heart.