Taking away coronavirus pay increases may be easier said than done.
The United Food and Commercial Workers says Kroger will end workers' $2 "hero pay" May 17.
Despite social distancing recommendations, grocery store employees must come into close contact with thousands of shoppers every day, often without proper PPE. Now, some stores are calling for their employees to be designated first responders so they can be tested and properly protected.
The actor, writer and director purchased goods for elderly shoppers at 44 Kroger stores in Atlanta and 29 Winn-Dixie stores in Louisiana.
The company appeared to change its policy after this article's initial publication.
The supermarket chain previously provided every associate with $25 on their loyalty cards to “show how much Kroger appreciates and acknowledges you.”
The stores are the latest to stop selling the products as health officials probe a nationwide outbreak of lung illnesses and deaths.
Women, who do the majority of household shopping, are wielding the power of the purse.
Walgreens, CVS and Wegmans have joined similar calls from Kroger and Walmart following multiple mass shootings in recent weeks.
The Food and Drug Administration discovered the virus on the fruit during a berry sampling.