A rhino lying down in South Africa. Photo by Laurel Neme. Rangers on patrol. Photo courtesy of Dimension Data / Cisco. "When
"The Kruger National Park is not aware of any such incident taking place anywhere in the park."
H/T Mashable Watch at the 0:21 mark as a larger elephant comes to tend to the calf. Other elephants join and nudge the little
After cocktails in the park, we drove back in the dark. I took one flash photo of Tom up in front, shining his flashlight
AND A CRASH OF RHINOS A LEAP OF LEOPARDS! A THUNDER OF HIPPOPOTIMI The rangers all shared information on sightings over the
When giraffes drink, they have to bend their knees or spread their legs awkwardly and then raise their necks quickly, throwing
We figured if we spotted one giraffe we'd be lucky.
The lions were right next to us. Tom, our scout, sat on an elevated chair out on the front of the jeep, that is, until he spotted cats. Then he would jump inside next to Erich, the ranger.
And, as is true for most things, chill heron surfing goes much better set to Drake's "6 God" in the background. Given the
With roaming wildlife, captivating sunsets and plenty of luxurious accommodations, South Africa provides a romantic backdrop for adventurous honeymooners. But planning a South African safari can be a daunting task.
It's not a good day to be a giraffe. It's not the first time something incredible has been captured at Kruger, and we're