"I am grateful to be OK, that's all I can say."
The robber hopped out of a black, four-door BMW and hit Waples, then shoved him to the ground and dragged off his gear, according
The pilot will be directed by Andrew Haigh ("Weekend") and the series will star out actors Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey
KTVU, the San Francisco news station that reported fake, racist names of the Asiana Flight 214 pilots has reportedly fired
Hosaka said that details about those initiatives will be forthcoming in the days ahead. KTVU is continuing to carry out damage
The names were supposed to be a joke. Only this joke wasn't funny. It was offensive, insensitive to the victims of Asiana's plane crash, and indicative of a major problem in a government and journalism institution. These 'jokes' make me question my American-ness.
I sometimes wonder if I'm actually more incensed than KTVU News Director Lee Rosenthal is that his news department somehow allowed four obviously phony, racially insulting Asian pun names to go out over the air last Friday.
SEOUL, July 17 (Reuters) - Asiana Airlines said on Wednesday it has scrapped a plan to sue a U.S. television station that
"First, we never read the names out loud, phonetically sounding them out," the news outlet said in a statement. "Then, during
On a meta-level, these are just continuing symptoms of the underlying, chronic, disease called racism. As a nation, we've done a pretty good job of treating it in the past 50 years, but as with all treatments, a certain amount of resistance has set in.