The UNESCO quote is from page 6 of the "Trogir Info" booklet.   Aries knows the deepest desire is to live: he jumped on the
This is what kundalini yoga is all about. It's a gradual process of becoming more aware of the energies you use every day and understanding them better as time goes by. It's about learning that you are not just a physical body but so much more.
The essence of spiritual practice is change - the self-transformation kinda change. If you are on any spiritual path you have to be ready and willing to not fit in where you used to, with the people you used to and or the way you're used to.
A couple of very important questions I think for anyone on any spiritual path should be: "How can I be equally compassionate
Close rejection and open perfection. In other words, if things aren't working, close that chapter. It will open again if
It has ben a very difficult few months for my family. The emptiness burns in my belly every morning and throughout the day
These are some issues you might face as you take on the challenge of self-observation as a meditation practice and hopefully as an every moment of everyday spiritual practice. As you do, it will help to remember (especially in those times when it seems like a difficult practice) the joy is in the seeing!
A consistent and sincere meditation practice can give experiences of peace, lightness and unburdening. It eventually brings an awareness of inner beauty, purity and innocence as well.
Cagol's "Tridentum" (Tri-dentum=tre-denti=three teeth) public commission is pyramid triad reflecting the three mountains
Well known mystics like Paramahansa Yogananda, Rumi, Khalil Gibran and others from various faiths have all written about the importance of even mindedness.