kunta kinte

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback appeared to make a statement about not backing down.
"I stood in this cell and wept like a baby. I said, 'This is my Wailing Wall.'"
You will see in the movie when they ask Kunta, "Are you an "N****"?" His response is, "I am an Mandingo Warrior, I am Kunta
After appearing on TV screens almost forty years ago, Alex Haley's "Roots" is being presented in a new version. Starting
Could a person named Kunta Kinte have lived in Juffure, a town on the Gambia River, and been enslaved and carried to Annapolis, Maryland, on the Lord Ligonier in 1767? It didn't take much research to answer each of those questions with a resounding "Yes!"
John Amos shares details on filming his role as Kunta “Toby” Kinte.
ABC's Roots bridges a sizable knowledge gap to help us comprehend the institution of slavery that had existed in this country since 1619.