Brace Belden volunteered for six months in Syria with the Kurdish freedom movement where he helped fight ISIS.
The government's crackdown on groups with ties to "terrorism" is in response to a failed coup attempt in July.
The American University of Kurdistan (AUK) and the Institute for Media and Political Research (IMPR) in August 2016 conducted a face-to-face survey in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to measure the level of support for independence.
After the end of the cold war, during the Europeanization of the international relations in the region, energy politics played a significant role for Turkish-Russian rapprochement.
Time to Federate Turkey Paylan has been outspoken in the past year about the fate of 1.5 Million Armenians slaughtered in
The conflict between the two groups is at its deadliest in two decades.
Ara Dinkjian - http://www.aradinkjian.com/ Dinkjian's first gig occurred as a percussionist accompanying his father Onnik
The new deployment increases U.S. forces in Syria six-fold to about 300.
As the Syrian civil war rages into its 6th year, cultural criminality continues. Beneath the headlines, however, ISIS is claiming yet another cultural victim: Kurdish literature and with it, the multi-dialectal Kurdish language.
ISTANBUL — A major Turkish military operation to eradicate Kurdish militants in Turkey’s restive southeast has turned dozens