Kurdish forces

In seeming defense of his decision to pave the way for Turkey to enter Syria and attack Kurdish U.S. allies, President Trump said the Kurds “are no angels.”
"In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, we didn't have anything."
ISIS fighters taken with the help of U.S. Special Forces are allegedly being tortured by America’s Kurdish allies. But don’t
Dilanian reported from Washington. Associated Press writer Desmond Butler in Istanbul contributed to this report.   Related
NEAR SINJAR TOWN, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Kurdish forces backed by U.S. air strikes seized the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar from
We cannot continue indefinitely to strike at jihadists in Iraq while stopping, absurdly, at the border of the neighboring state.
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“It wasn’t until an American was beheaded did we do anything,” he said of the execution of journalist James Foley in August
A 42-year-old Shi'ite volunteer said it would eventually be safe for Sunnis to return and that no more than ten houses of
Zarif denied that Iran and the United States were discussing Iraq as part of talks between Iran and Western powers about