Kurdish forces

"In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, we didn't have anything."
ISIS fighters taken with the help of U.S. Special Forces are allegedly being tortured by America’s Kurdish allies. But don’t
So far, the only overt sign of the group's chemical weapons program has been the apparent use of mustard gas against Iraqi
NEAR SINJAR TOWN, Nov 13 (Reuters) - Kurdish forces backed by U.S. air strikes seized the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar from
We cannot continue indefinitely to strike at jihadists in Iraq while stopping, absurdly, at the border of the neighboring state.
The Iraqi Kurds have de facto independence and they would like to have legal independence. I do think an independent Kurdistan
Matson was critical of the United States for being slow to launch air attacks on the Islamic State militants, who have been
"If a regular army were holding the area we could return, but as long as the militias are there we cannot," said a 30-year
The bombing in the New Baghdad neighborhood followed a series of blasts in the Iraqi capital on Monday which killed more