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"I saw them raping my Kurdish sisters and I couldn't accept this injustice," their commander says.
"I'm a human lover. I can't just watch and let this happen," says volunteer Jesper Söder of Sweden.
My heart is breaking. The cease-fire between the Turkish government and the PKK has been cancelled. My heart is breaking because the country doesn't have a government, because ISIS operates from within the country, and that the tourism industry and thus, Turkey, can be affected financially.
"If you look at it from our point of view, we are fighting a war against the most heavily armed and brutal terrorist organization
Barzani said Wednesday that ties between Iraq's autonomous Kurds and its central government were "now much better, but at
ERBIL, March 16 (Reuters) - A Kurdish military official said on Monday he had evidence Islamic State has used chlorine as
In the days since, a different explanation has surfaced. The briefing, several officials said, was not intended to cover
UPDATE: Feb. 28, 1:15 p.m. -- This story has been updated with a statement from the U.S. Air Forces Central Command disputing
But Paul isn't doing all that fast enough for one key Republican donor, or for the Middle Eastern group which that donor
These ramped-up airstrikes came after the international community voiced concern over the fate of Kobani, including repeated