Kurt Andersen

How Trump irritant Michael Wolff gets what he wants, according to Kurt Andersen.
Whether you have never listened to podcasts before of if you are a standard This American Life and RadioLab listener and want to hear something new, here is a list of podcasts you may want to check out.
Good news: the written word thrives downtown. The brainchild of Doctor Amanda Foreman, the author of historical works like
The problem, at least for for roasting purposes, is that the persona is already such a mockery of Shteyngart that it's hard
Unlike my early days in New York, I no longer roam the boroughs attending opening after opening, party after party, all night conversations in some random artist loft/apartment/space (the after after party). It sounds great because it was great. It was also more distracting than inspiring.
Cultural criticism and comparisons has no method, no restraints, beyond the subjective view of the observer. It's about entertainment, the flicker of images, the ransacking of the past. You can't take it seriously.
Those who are making the business decisions in the magazine, newspaper and book industries just might be mourning their own deaths way to early.
My guess is that anyone with over 1,000 Facebook "friends" will probably accede to pretty much anyone. Hear that, Jeff Koons? You might be ignoring me, but I'm down with Damien Hirst.
Those crazy Spy guys are being reunited at Vanity Fair. Kurt Andersen has just inked a one-year deal to write two big articles