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Kurt Cobain would have turned 47 on Feb. 20. Lost at 27 years old, Cobain's legend still lives strong today, his crunching
John and Julian Lennon Harrison Ford We're used to seeing celebrities red-carpet ready or in calculated poses on Instagram
It's not completely outlandish when celebrity offspring resembles their famous parents to a great degree, but it still makes us do a serious double-take. That was the case with Frances Bean Cobain, late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's daughter, who was photographed out and about Los Angeles.
Ay, fuck you too #cunts pic.twitter.com/kgeUjpOJD8 — Frances Bean Cobain (@alka_seltzer666) January 15, 2014 The two rockers
The bedroom attic where Kurt used to reside, including its original rug. If not for a diehard fan, the family said it would
Designers quickly followed suit. In one of the most lauded collections ever, Marc Jacobs' 1992 designs for Perry Ellis were
Nineteen years ago today (April 5), Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain took his own life at his Seattle, Washington, home. He was
CORRECTION: We originally wrote that it was eight years, not eighteen years, since Kurt Cobain's death. We swear we can count