kurt metzger

The "Who Is America?" comedy writer went on a disturbing rant in 2016 against women who say they were raped. He never deleted his comments.
She wants to talk less about Kurt Metzger, and more about rape culture.
“I am so saddened and disappointed," tweeted Schumer.
"I Don't Want to be Running for President." Putting out fires. Do you have any comedic mentors that you can specifically
I do not make rape jokes and I do not think rape is funny. I support you in your fight against domestic violence, the abuse of women and misogyny, but your fight to ban horrible things from comedy is fruitless.
What started as one comedian's off-the-cuff vocal displeasure over the way a well-respected comedy institution runs its business evolved into a needlessly divisive, hostile online battle fought via Facebook updates and Tumblr posts.
"I think it doesn't necessarily respect neighborhoods as well as it could have," he said, "but I genuinely am still enthusiastic
Does Option 5 meet the criteria laid out by state and federal law? So why was a fifth option necessary? Data Driven Detroit's
Kurt Metzger is one of those comedians who has a lot of fans in fellow comics as well as regular people, and for good reason
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