Kurt Sutter

In her new memoir, the actress details her experiences with motherhood.
Maybe The Bastard Executioner will serve in the end as a possible answer to this perennial question: If a TV show is canceled in the forest and no one had been watching it, was it really on TV at all?
The man behind "Sons of Anarchy" returns with a violent historical drama -- and heads are literally going to roll.
As Jax Teller reconciled with the fate, the vocals of Jake Smith were played. Smith, aka The White Buffalo, has been captivating audiences long before Sons of Anarchy went off into the sunset and is making his mark again.
As director, you can have all the wild visions you want for how your film will be created, how the finished product will take shape behind that vision and live on to be remembered accordingly. But that simply is not a conceivable goal without the proper team behind you.
As Hamlet is essentially a bloodbath, and as the Bard's tragedies always end with the protagonist dying, as a result of his own bad choices, one doesn't hold out much hope for anti-hero Jax, and others like his Machiavellian mother Gemma (Katey Sagal), surviving the bloodletting.
Other highlights from the episode include the O'Brien's "Sons of Anarchy" tourism video and the "SOA" Nick At Night promo
Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has a new drama in the works at FX. The pilot, titled "The Bastard Executioner," was
"I knew early on in the series," said Sutter. "I won’t say from the very beginning, but fairly early on, I knew I wanted
"Sons of Anarchy" returns for Season 6 on Tues., Sept. 10 (airing 10 p.m. ET on FX), and the latest trailer is explosive