Kurt Volker

Kurt Volker, the former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine, rejected a GOP conspiracy theory about former Vice President Joe Biden.
Kurt Volker said he has known former Vice President Joe Biden as an honorable man for decades while rebuffing debunked corruption allegations.
The former special envoy to Ukraine is one of many establishment Republicans who tried in vain to change the Trump administration from within.
Sondland significantly altered his original story in an update to his testimony submitted Monday.
The former special U.S. envoy to Ukraine said he feared "becoming a distraction" amid scrutiny of President Donald Trump's dealings with the country.
The former special envoy to Ukraine told House investigators he wasn't aware Trump had pressured Ukraine's president for dirt on Joe Biden.
Kurt Volker, who just resigned as special U.S. envoy to Ukraine, told Congress he wasn't involved in Trump's effort to have the Ukraine investigate Joe Biden.
The Secretary of State, who has become increasingly drawn into Trump's impeachment drama, spoke with the pontiff about promoting religious freedom.