kurt vonnegut

Five never-before-published works of short fiction bring the author's unique "ways of looking at the world" back into the spotlight.
Callousness and carelessness are damning parts of our national character.
I was a young reporter when this photograph was snapped, looking pretty cool in my Steve McQueen turtleneck. "Murdoch!" he
Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley When an unpopular president finds all his Supreme Court nominees denied, he attempts
His books were a siren song for the youth of the '60s and '70s, written with a voice at once cynical, melancholy and darkly humorous. On the ninth anniversary of his death this week, fresh interest is building in the bitingly comic author - followers have launched a drive to fund a new library and a top screenwriter is working to bring "Cat's Cradle" to television.
Ever wonder what your cats do when you're not around? Sorry to disappoint you, but likely they climb up on the couch and
Do you know what? A lil history is being made. Rarely anymore does such a unique and vital institution emerge in such a fledgling
I, despite the soft nature of my personality you may assume based off the poem, do care. I make poetry and prose and that's it. It's the end product of what I do. I give it away for free in the hope that someone, somewhere will buy one of my books and I can use that money to support me and my family.
Vonnegut goes on to announce, without explanation, that Joe Petro, III, saved his life. It was because of this astonishing