President Joe Biden shocked the world when he showed up in Ukraine on an unannounced trip.
On the last day of the year marked by the brutal war, many Ukrainians returned to the capital to spend New Year’s Eve with their loved ones, despite the ongoing Russian attacks.
The Kyiv city administration said more than 20 Iranian-made drones were detected over the capital's air space and at least 15 of them were shot down.
The concentrated use of the kamikaze drones was the second barrage in as many weeks — after months in which air attacks had become a rarity in central Kyiv.
Residents awoke to air raid sirens for the fourth morning in a row following Russia’s massive, deadly assault across the country on Monday.
Russian airstrikes targeting civilians across Ukraine have left many dead and injured, in retaliation for the destruction of a key bridge linking Russia and Crimea.
The sustained barrage on major cities marked a major surge in the war amid a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in recent weeks.
The wartime leader suffered “no serious injuries,” his press secretary said.
Russian troops had withdrawn from these areas months ago after failing to capture either.
Actor Dwayne Johnson accepted the honor on Klitschko's behalf and called him a "hero" to the world.