kyle lowry

The popular guard pulled off the quick transition at the NBA title celebration in Toronto.
Mark Stevens was also fined $500,000 for the incident with the Toronto Raptors player during Game 3 of the NBA Finals.
“There’s absolutely no place in our BEAUTIFUL game for that AT ALL,” the NBA star and philanthropist wrote on Instagram.
Mark Stevens' "behavior last night did not reflect the high standards that we hope to exemplify as an organization," the Bay Area team said.
Don't ask him to rephrase it without cursing, either.
Every Raptors fan and basketball pundit in the city of Toronto knows that the real season starts in the playoffs. That's when the team will have to prove to the league and to its own executives that the re-tooled roster is worthy of sticking together for the long haul.
It's easy to conclude that if your team is not still playing, that title contention is far away. Furthermore, to truly contend drastic changes must be considered. But I think the data tells a different story.
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