Snuggle up in a cozy Parisian café, wander the frosty Jardin des Tuileries before stopping off at The Louvre or eyeing up
Stop at the shops on the way up to the temple so that after visiting Kiyomizu, you can head for the next part of the walk
Praying and buying charms at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines famous for lucky attributes are Japanese rites of passage at every stage of life. Given our passion for pretty, why should beauty be any exception? For centuries, women (and men) have sought a spiritual cosmetic boost from two famous Kyoto shrines: Kawai Jinja and Utsukushi Gozensha.
The land of the rising sun has seen a dramatic increase in tourism over the past year with Americans flocking to its islands
The streets, temples and shrines of magnificent Kyoto are once again full of kimono-clad beauties and dashing men in traditional wear and it's all thanks to tourists.
The God of Good Marriage looks on as visitors pray for love. Photo by Gail Nakada. Access: From Kyoto Station take the No
History and beauty are not the only reasons Japanese choose which of the hundreds of temples and shrines to put on their Kyoto to-do lists. For centuries (and longer) certain shrines have made a reputation for themselves as especially lucky in love.
Is anyone else fed up with how "the news" is dominated by stories that provoke fear, panic and paranoia?
Rocks have long been venerated in China, Korea, and Japan. A rock might stand out because of its beauty, unusual shape, or resemblance to a mountain. In Japan, distinctive rocks were believed to be inhabited by kami, spiritual forces/beings inherent in nature.
"We mustn't act as if it's all right to cast the LGBT community aside because they're a minority group," says priest at Japan's Shunkoin temple.
Travel sometimes provides me with an opportunity to explore a subject I might otherwise never think about -- exposing me to tiny nuggets that accumulate to create a bridge across a cultural divide. When I write, "you have to see it to understand" I mean both the movie and the museum.
Fushimi-Inari Taisha by Paolo Piccoli on 500px Take a virtual walk down the fiery red-orange gates of the shrine: Fushimi
Although I have been to many of the World Heritage Sites myself, to learn the details on absolutely all of them I turned to the book Japan's World Heritage Sites: Unique Culture, Unique Nature by John Dougill.
Rev. Takafumi Kawakami at Shunkoin, a subtemple of Myoshinji Temple. The temple was one of the most important places for
Police say they suspect insurance claims or inheritance money could be the motive for the killings. Kakehi has denied involvement
When I arrived, though, I found out the flight was delayed. I knew it was going to be a long trip in the first place, and