kyrsten sinema

The Republican lost his last race to Democrat Mark Kelly.
The president has vowed to veto the Republican effort, but the Supreme Court will probably get the final say.
Both political parties are not actually twisting the facts about elections, but Sinema's courting Republican voters ahead of her likely reelection bid.
The Arizona independent could run on the group’s ballot line — and it would make her reelection bid easier.
“Kyrsten Sinema, as she was walking by, she said something to the effect of: ‘Hang in there buddy," Santos claimed about the senator. Her office says it's a lie.
The death of Tyre Nichols after police brutally assaulted him in Tennessee has renewed calls for police reform legislation.
The Arizona senator’s decision to leave the Democratic Party has put leading Democratic officials in a very tight spot.
Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) has entered the ring in the fight for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat.
Gallego is the favorite to earn the Democratic nomination for a potential three-way race.
The newly independent Arizona senator is set to lose access to Democratic voter data, complicating her path to reelection.