kyrsten sinema

The freshman senator from Arizona used her maiden speech to tell the story of an Iraq War veteran who died by suicide.
Only one member of Congress identifies as "religiously unaffiliated.” The overwhelming majority say they're Christian.
She's here, she's a femme queer and now she's a senator. Get used to it.
The Democrat is Arizona's first female senator and only the second openly LGBT person in the Senate.
She will replace Jon Kyl after he resigns at the end of the year.
Kyrsten Sinema is making history, becoming Arizona’s first ever female Senator and the first openly bisexual Senator.
The Democrat ended up topping Republican Martha McSally in the midterm elections.
A GOP lawsuit is challenging the state’s two biggest counties for allowing voters to help resolve problems with their mail-in ballot signatures after Election Day.
Reps. Kyrsten Sinema (D) and Martha McSally (R) are locked in a tight race.
Republicans are highlighting her leftist past. But progressives have their own grumbles, even as they line up behind her Senate run in Arizona.
The party is sending out mailers tying the Green Party nominee in the state’s crucial Senate race to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
"Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs," the president said.
Now it's Senate candidate Martha McSally telling whoppers about her record on health care.
Democrat refuses to take the bait over 2003 comments on the Iraq War as the two congresswomen vie to replace Sen. Jeff Flake.
Rep. Martha McSally secures the GOP Senate nod, and in a marquee race will face Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in November.
Arizona Rep. Martha McSally, once a Trump critic, has adopted his rhetoric -- and it’s paying off in one of 2018’s biggest GOP primaries.
The first openly bisexual member of Congress could end up facing off against a Republican whose own party has called her a conspiracy theorist.
Jamie Raskin will swear to uphold the Constitution, not the Bible.