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Cops Can Know 'Effectively See' Inside Your Home With Radar
As budget cuts come to the fore, military contractors will undoubtedly try to obscure the fact that every $1 billion of military spending costs anywhere between 3,200 and 11,700 jobs or more when compared to other ways of spending the money.
The U.S. has a history of commandeering military technology for use against Americans. Now the drones, remote-controlled aircrafts that have been used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan, are coming home to domestic airspace.
A few months after investing additional money in an airport body scan manufacturer last year, Chicago-area Congresswoman Judy Biggert voted in favor of the allowing the TSA to use the devices.
The companies with multimillion-dollar contracts to supply American airports with body-scanning machines more than doubled
The interesting news today is that MPRI, one of the earliest U.S. private military contractors, albeit one that has operated
Interpreters have some of the most high risk jobs in war zones.
When you look closely at Obama's policies towards small businesses you start to think its just a matter of time before he loads small business owners into crowded train cars headed for prison camps.
If President Obama sincerely wants to create jobs and stimulate the national economy he needs to start by making good on