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This scientific research gives a clear-cut answer.
Pope Francis sat down with "La Croix" for an interview of over an hour at the Vatican, at the Santa Marta residence, on Monday, May 9. A number of themes were discussed, including: the Christian roots of Europe, migration, Islam, secularism, his idea of France and the pedophilia scandals.
The pope has frequently attacked what he calls "cultural colonialism."
Nothing can distract you in Santa Martha. When you enter the residence, where the Vatican accommodates some of its visitors, there is no Raphael fresco or Bernini sculptor to catch your eye. Just plain white walls and green plants on a tidily kept marble floor. The outside six-story facade and the inside lobby alike are as neutral and impartial as a clinic. Yet the one you may come across, in the elevator, is Pope Francis. He stays in Room 201 on the second floor. A young cardinal once found himself with the pope suddenly entering the lift. "Holy Father," he said most politely. Francis replied: "Holy Son!" The pope recently explained to journalists that he had insisted on taking the elevator alone, with no one on duty to accompany him: "My life is as normal as I can make it." And as normal as one of a priest, that he wants it to remain.