I didn't know what to anticipate from my conversation with Ricky Reed (aka Eric Frederic) and anything I could have thought of wouldn't have mattered. Our encounter defied expectations.
On top of that, Oswalt's coffee pick is a downtown LA roaster that doesn't even offer sweetener because they take coffee
Check out more "Hipster Confessions" in the video below. WATCH: The duo plans to publish new videos every Tuesday, and today's
(Flickr photo by OKViydo.) The letter from the AFL-CIO calls out the San Francisco-based clothing company for "misleading
For The Charlotte, N.C. transplant, her neighbors' facial hair, oversized glasses and skinny jeans were easy to mock. Roy
We're talking about Silverlake, of course. It provides the backdrop for "Where The Bears Are," a satirical show about gay
Half of Silverlake dies a gruesome and bloody death in this new short film, "Hipster Holocaust." It's the story of a dude
Originally intended as nothing more than a swift means of transportation, bicycles have morphed into something more. In traffic
h/t LAist. Watch the video and judge for yourself: is Myers having a little self-conscious fun, or is she seriously deluded
No one fights it anymore. The hipsters, with their bangs, beards and beers, are here to stay. And so it only makes sense
H/T Lauren Lloyd at LAist. If you thought Romeo and Juliet was tragic, you clearly don't understand the unrequited love between
We all know that guy who checks into his house on Foursquare, or that chick who has Instagrammed every meal she's eaten since
Let it out, fellas. Let it out. With hipster culture still charging ahead at full speed, it's pretty popular at this point