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Can you smell what The Rock is slathering on?
You're just a $250 pack of face masks from Kim K excellence.
But we get ahead or ourselves. It all started with a chance meeting between Jennifer Wang's husband, David and the then co
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Though the abrupt changes of tone are initially jarring, it doesn't take long for the audience to understand that the ensuing transitions from a subdued dinner party to the frenetic behavior of despots at their most destructive is a bored adolescent's rebellious fantasy.
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Instead of the typical smoke-filled room, (second-hand smoke is detrimental to the skin) the air is thick with a strong mix of Jo Malone, Bond No. 9, and Marc Jacobs perfumes.
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Saks Fifth Avenue - 611 Fifth Avenue Check out the recently redesigned scents area, with a Fragrance Bar that allows the
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Photo: Bobby Doherty So if you are planning to spend some serious money on your skincare, why would you spring for the serum
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Luxury skin care companies are debuting fresh products with cutting edge ingredients allowing you to spring forward to a new season with a radiant glow.