La Paz

Many disabled activists took to the streets in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba to demand the government to give them
Las Personas Con Discapacidad, siendo atacada por tanques neptunos, el 25 de Mayo en La Paz. ©PinchesGringos "Ustedes saben
The United Nations has declared 2016 to be the International Year of Pulses. Three years ago, as we celebrated the International
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There's perhaps no better way to get to know a place than by logging time in its markets, swapping stories with the vendors, and running your hands over items filled with heritage and history.
A La Paz resident said he recognized Eric Kohler from a HuffPost story and took his picture.
(to see more of my photographs of Sorata, please click here) As this is my first entry on Huffington Post, I would like to
Collapsing before Buddha and falling before the Pope, did not make me more religious, but in the years since it has caused me to reflect about religion -- religion in China.
While trekking through Bolivia's high plains or cruising through Lake Titicaca, travelers in this land-locked South American
The sun was up. A weekday. Seemed the perfect moment to cycle over to see the new blockbuster exhibit of Diego Velasquez, the 17th century Spanish master whose works are scarcely known in France.
Visitors who opt to stay over for a day or two will find some 10 tourist-class hotels around town. At one, the 115-room CostaBaja
Most of this fast-growing, urban center of now over a million of Amerindian people was formed by migrant workers who came here to seek a better fortune. 'Cholitas' are Aymara women who have come to the city, and are also known for breaking social barriers.
Take the opportunity to swim with sea lions, whale sharks and the wide variety of marine life that inhabits the sea. Fun Baja also offers combination scuba camping trips and scuba certification programs for every level of diver from beginner through advanced.
Bolivia is a country where people take to the streets when things go wrong, so I knew it wouldn't be difficult to capture
Like it was playing hide and seek, the whale shark's rectangular head appeared from the sapphire-colored watery abyss. I knew that it wouldn't attack me. But when a 15-foot anything is swimming towards you, and you're practically naked, it's freaky.
Families have been growing quinoa here for thousands of years, and for natives including Mamani, it's been a staple of their diet. We've just discovered this ancient grain here in the new world, but are making up for lost time by snarfing it.