la santa cecilia

Despite resistance from within the Democratic party, President Obama has made passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a top priority before leaving office. The TPP is a trade agreement between the United States and 11 other countries which would cover 40 percent of the world's trade.
Musicians from East Los Angeles have a long tradition of using their talents to draw attention to complex social and political issues.
La Santa Cecilia (Marisol Hernández, José Pepe Carlos, Alejandro Bendaña, Miguel Ramírez) recently sat down with The Huffington
La Santa Cecilia just gave “Strawberry Fields Forever” a whole new meaning. The video, released Monday, moves backwards from
“Cumbia Morada” is the first single off the album, now available on iTunes and Amazon. Listen to it above. The album consists
Grammy nominee La Santa Cecilia Update: La Santa Cecilia did in fact win a Grammy Sunday night in the "Best Latin Rock, Urban
I spent a lot of my life trying to figure out where I could count on my Dad and where I couldn't -- would he define the sort of man I wanted to be, or its opposite?
Rising Latino stars in the world of music
The band’s latest release, however, is anything but serious. “Monedita” is a much more lighthearted and fun affair than “El
The Smithsonian Institution, driven by rapidly developing technologies, shifting demographics and changing cultural participation patterns, is looking for innovative and even ingenious ways to do its work through the Smithsonian Ingenuity Awards.
A world of opportunities for up-and-coming Latin recording artists that not only will change your playlist but may just become famous along the way.
The members said that signing with the label has not changed their lives. Everyone in the band still does what he or she
La Santa Cecilia: The six-member band from L.A., whose influences are diverse as their home (mariachis, ranchera, reggae