Lab Animals

"We can reach a happy ending even through hard times."
A New York law says they must be put up for adoption when tests are over.
Though the USDA has some guidelines for the treatment of lab animals under the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, Keith said that
Things haven’t always been so rosy for Mason, a former research chimp. His old home was the New Iberia Research Center in
Original article: “This is very important work with wide-ranging implications,” says M. Catherine Bushnell, a neuroscientist
As a bonus, since the systems are fully contained, nothing is released into the atmosphere and the resulting sludge, while
Evidence for this comes mainly from ‘aversion studies’. A key study by animal welfare researcher Daniel Weary’s group at
The Gallup Study opens the door to more questions than answers about changing moral values with respect to animals. No one wants to see Fido in the laboratory with electrodes coming out of his head, but the plight of monkeys seems to affect the young more than the old.
Paola Viani, deputy director of the pharmacology department, worked with police to negotiate with the activists. By evening