Lab Animals

A New York law says they must be put up for adoption when tests are over.
"He's pretty amazing," Foster said of Casper, now 5 years old. "When we picked him up [from the shelter after his release
Things haven’t always been so rosy for Mason, a former research chimp. His old home was the New Iberia Research Center in So he decided to take a closer
Plenty of attention is given to the treatment of live laboratory animals, but how about dead ones? The dead rodents, many
Much of the debate centres on rodents, which make up the vast majority of research animals. Current techniques for killing
The Gallup Study opens the door to more questions than answers about changing moral values with respect to animals. No one wants to see Fido in the laboratory with electrodes coming out of his head, but the plight of monkeys seems to affect the young more than the old.
No arrests have been made following the 12-hour drama, which took place on Saturday, although the university says that it
However, Jacque Montgomery, a CU spokesperson, told The Denver Post that the problems PETA had reported earlier have been
From Russell McLendon and Mother Nature Network: Laboratory animals have done a lot for humanity over the years, helping
Some call such experiments "animal cruelty." Others say animal experimentation is essential because it helps catch dangerous
"We've been told they lived one per cage in rooms of 10 beagles, but they never had any physical interaction with one another
Animal tests are expensive and time consuming, and their relevance is often questioned by stakeholders on one side or the other, leading to disputes over which chemicals represent a real threat.
I've tried to present both "sides" and provide a glimpse of a "typical" procedure. Now I'm hoping that the truth about the need for animal testing for human health and survival will finally "out."