Who am I? I can't answer that. But what am I? I guess the question is the following one : am I genuinely free when I am absolutely
I have never cared about labels, as a kid or today. At 50, my wardrobe consists of one pair of jeans, one pair or Vans and
If the life of Jesus teaches us anything, it's that God longs to know us despite our labels. I responded the person a few
The problem that all of this raises is that no single term is likely to be embraced by everyone, and most terms fall prey to the same problems as those we've already seen. They treat us as monolithic, negating our diversity and the multiplicity with which some people may identify.
There is a word that is overused at this point and always seems to have a negative connotation. What naughty word is that
While I'm the first to encourage my fellow African-Americans to spread them transatlantic wings to hop across the pond and join me in Europe, there's a part that I'm always hesitant to open up about when it comes to the reality of our existence in some parts of the world.
We often define ourselves by transient labels that do not speak to the unchangeable, infinite Self that inhabits within us all.
Labels can feel validating -- as well as limiting -- but what labels really represent is the fact that most of us want to feel like we belong somewhere.