Labor Department

New COVID-19 infections remained high as September began.
Thursday's report showed that unemployment claims fell to 375,000 from 387,000 the previous week.
Unemployment dropped to 5.4% nationwide.
Over the second quarter of 2021, pay increased by the second-highest percentage in more than a decade.
The Labor Department report is the latest sign that the reopening of the economy is propelling a powerful rebound from the pandemic recession.
The president is glad the extra benefits are temporary, and he's cool with GOP governors pulling the plug early.
Child care workers, gas station clerks, restaurant servers and security guards are often at risk of being cheated by their employers.
It might take a while for people and businesses to get financial relief.
The man who's helmed Hardee's and Carl's Jr. could become the nation's top workplace watchdog. Best of luck, Fight for $15.