labor law

Employers normally have little to lose by purging organizers, even when it’s found to be illegal. This high-profile case could be different.
AB 701, which is the first legislation of its kind in the country, is meant to protect workers from being penalized for taking breaks or using the bathroom.
Under its first woman president, the AFL-CIO is pursuing big legislative goals in Washington while trying to turn around the decline in union membership.
Sure, the bill is DOA in the Republican Senate, but progressives hope it puts down a marker on workers' rights.
Scott Wagner, who is running for governor, is tying himself closely to President Donald Trump and pledging to slash government regulations on business.
While Andy Puzder ran Hardee's, its franchisees altered timecards, deducted pay for uniforms and even broke child labor law.
International Hotel laborers join long line of unpaid Trump workers.