labor organizing

If legendary labor activist Joe Hill were alive today - and some contend that he is - he would have plenty to say about the state of the American worker. And the country, if it listened, would have plenty to learn.
After being told that unionizing could be expensive, one worker shoots back: "We get treated like dirt now. So, like, what's
Ellison said his bill would amend the National Labor Relations Act so as not to "open up" more ideological fights surrounding
But a few weeks ago, the 45-year-old Gebre returned to Washington to occupy an executive office on the headquarters' eighth
Like the SEIU, UFCW preferred to focus on worker organizing rather than the national politics of the AFL-CIO, though the
Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, may be dramatically different this year. Organizers plan a nationwide strike against Walmart, will it work? Alyona Minkovski is joined by guests Kathleen Miles, Colby Harris, Patrick O'Neill and Josh Eidelson to discuss.
Colby Harris, a Walmart employee, describes his resolve to stand strong and strike on Black Friday to send a message to the corporate giant about labor fairness and end "being oppressed."
Adding fuel to movement, Walmart announced Thursday that it will kick off its Black Friday sale at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving
Fixing immigration and fixing labor are inseparable. Immigration reform could give increasing freedom to workers to organize without fear, but without vigorous protections on organizing, employers still hold all the cards.
What happens when we Americans can no longer measure our value -- or even feel very human -- based on our paid work? Where is our self-worth to be centered and nurtured in this unsettling new world?