Labour Party UK

Labour Party accuses Boris Johnson's team of using press-hating Donald Trump tactics.
The Conservative Party has a new base — and possibly a new approach.
The prime minister said the victory gave the Tories a “powerful new mandate to get Brexit done.”
The victory makes Johnson the most electorally successful Conservative leader since Margaret Thatcher.
The ruling Conservative party has put up fake social media posts as Prime Minister Boris Johnson risks everything to "get Brexit done."
The election between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn has been dubbed "The Brexit Election."
Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be remembered in part for accusations that he, at best, turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism.
"There's no press here," the UK prime minister can be heard saying over the sound of camera shutters clicking.
This is the British prime minister's sixth defeat in six days.
Opposition parties want to ensure no-deal Brexit cannot happen on October 31 before backing a fresh poll.