Traces of life were found in rocks dating back 3.95 billion years -- just a few hundred million years after the planet was formed.
Watch and see where you need to go. I hope this helps you plan your next Travel Therapy trip!
Aleutian Islands, Sandy Point Labrador, Happy Valley Norway Antarctica Antarctic peninsula Ilulissat Canada Svalbard, Spitsbergen
Today, Swanson is my companion who looks to me for direction and who gets excited when she completes tasks. She infuses my heart with gratitude and her energy is contagious.
That got me thinking that other dog lovers across this region may be feeling the same away. Here are some tips for taking
The scary incident had a happy ending with lots of kisses and tail-wagging.
The dog days of summer were named for pooches like Maddie.
Longshot was once a celebrity. The four-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever riddled with gunshot wounds and left for dead in Virginia in December 2014 made national news. But now things have changed.
The day was August 26, 2011. Marine Justin Crabbe was patrolling near a dam in Afghanistan after a bomb-sniffing dog had
A woman in Deer Park was arraigned yesterday for abandoning her lab mix after two shelters told her they currently had no room but would put her on a waiting list.
To be fair, though, Nigel is scared of many things, including the vacuum cleaner, coffee grinder, leaf blower, lawn mower and just basically anything that makes noise. All of that makes sense, but he also becomes unnerved when I talk on the phone.
Wilma (a chocolate lab) and Betty (a black lab) were found together, dumped on the street. They are 10-plus years old and would love a comfy home to live their last few years in.
"I knew it was Sierra because she's just a little bit of a troublemaker, she's kind of the instigator," Lamb told FOX23 News
It's 1240 and way in the distance along the tracks amid much hooting three glaring headlights appear. For an eternity, and
OK, perhaps I could have been a tad more sympathetic with Rivka yesterday - especially that knock about woofing down the