Lachlan Murdoch

The son of conservative media titan Rupert Murdoch is worried about growing threats to democratic principles.
Like President Donald Trump, Fox News frequently offers up incendiary and sometimes false attacks on Democrats and other liberal figures.
But this time, Ailes took the bait when Trump said he might not appear at Thursday's Fox News debate in Des Moines. Fox News
Trump has called Kelly a "lightweight." Meanwhile Trump's opponents imply he is a lightweight looking for an excuse to avoid
The brothers, who took over the 21st Century Fox empire July 1, sit down together and open up about who's in charge, sister
Is Fox News on the brink of becoming (as Pinocchio might say) a "real news organization" instead of the wooden de facto propaganda wing of the Republican Party?
Fox News directed questions about the change in leadership to 21st Century Fox, which did not immediately respond to a request
The headlines in many of the media reports were more redolent of a Gilded Age drama than a 21st century company: The moves
Before Wednesday's promotion, James had been Fox`s deputy chief operating officer, as well as chairman and CEO of its international