Lackland Air Force Base

“I am proud of these brave victims who are willing to tell their painful stories and have their voices heard in Congress
Why did anyone think that on a night that is supposed to honor the best of Hollywood, a town that has broken so many barriers and moved us forward in so many ways, banal sexist, racist and anti-Semitic jokes would be funny and appropriate?
"I don't think this is an incident only at Lackland, only in the Air Force, only in the military -- it's a societal problem
The Washington hearing comes after nearly 60 current and former personnel, including two men, came forward with what the
The inspections of public areas on Air Force facilities over 12 days in December were aimed at heightening awareness among
The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 22-33 percent of female service members are assaulted while in the service. We need our elected leaders to take action in 2013 to fix our broken system of military justice.
The military relieved Sinclair from duty as deputy commanding general for support and logistics for the 82nd Airborne Division
The Lackland sex abuse scandal is now the most horrific in recent times with more than 40 young patriotic women trainees falling victim to as many as 19 instructors. The Air Force would like to believe the problem is the fault of a few bad apples. It's so much more than that.
He said the woman in Manko's case had already gone through basic training and was taking advanced military career training