Lactose Intolerance

Here’s everything you need to know about ghee, the clarified butter that’s being hailed as a superfood.
He said he doesn't order soy milk "to sound fancy," but so his "bottom doesn't blast fire for 4 hours.”
It's time for the National School Lunch Program to allow LAUSD and other school districts to keep students healthy, reduce waste, and save money by moving the milk requirement off the menu.
Take care of yourself and your family. After all, healthy families build healthy communities!
If you are hanging on to the cow's milk for calcium reasons alone, rest assured that its not your only option. There are plenty of options that can be even better for you than dairy.
Did you know that your zip code can be a predictor of your health? So can your place of birth, where you work and play, your income and education, and a host of other factors -- in addition to the choices you make each day about what to eat.
Again, I was left staying away from those foods, but it didn't always occur when I consumed those foods. It started happening
“You could survive without dairy, but there’s no overall consensus that cow milk is bad for you,” Lisa R. Young, PhD, RD
Could the U.S. dairy processors' new slogan, "milk life," make it big in Asia? If dairy multinationals like Nestlé and Danone have their way, the answer might be yes.
Remember, it is not to totally eliminate milk from our diets but rather understand that milk should be consumed in moderation
If you find that eating abroad causes you a lot of stress, you might find the following tips helpful.
All I wanted is to have muesli on occasion and not picture white pus dripping into my cereal bowl, or have to worry about shopping for a bra because of my breakfast choice.
A petition on calling foul on the absence of a vegan option for Starbucks' cult seasonal offering, Pumpkin Spice
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Lactose - and why some people are intolerant - explained.
Growing up, you were probably told to drink your milk if you wanted to be big and strong. And chances are, you’re no longer
Or perhaps you have a different reason for giving up the suppertime staple. Maybe milk just doesn’t sit well with you. Learn
Lactose intolerance -- it's a term we hear used often, especially when discussed among issues like stomach aches and food intolerances such as Celiac disease. But what does it really mean? Who and how many of us are actually affected by it? And does it mean you need to eliminate any foods from your diet?
It's the time of year again when people look for a quick fix and often turn to a fad diet that typically eliminates an entire food group in exchange for the promise of changing a person's appearance in a short period of time. In recent years, some of these fad diets have shared a common target: dairy.