Lady Gaga decided to wear an inflatable dress in Paris on Monday, and let's just say it blew up in her face, literally. We
Whether she's wearing a meat dress, a bubble dress or a Kermit the Frog dress, Lady Gaga's outfits never fail to garner attention
Nicki Minaj is attractive. Blessed with big eyes, luscious lips, blindingly white teeth and to-die-for curves, she's a beautiful gal. But she is absolutely lost in the hot mess that has become her wardrobe.
Gaga's original meat frock is preserved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but that didn't stop the singer from finding a
The singer performed onstage at a Tokyo concert this week wearing a new (and we suspect, not actually made of meat) take
There's no denying Lady Gaga ups her shock value every time she steps into the spotlight. The New York City girl has worn
She definitely has a taste for weird, and her outfits go from weird to weirder and even shocking. I put together a list of her 15 absolute worst outfits she's ever worn, for your enjoyment.
Ryden's other art, which you can see at Design Scene, features the same surrealist images. Our fave? Abraham Lincoln wielding
2011-10-26-Screenshot20111026at11.13.31AM.jpg Check out these tips and tricks for creating the best food-themed Halloween costume yet!
You never know what you're going to get with Lady Gaga: Sometimes she's a greaser from New Jersey, sometimes she's an egg
She's done the dressed-like-a-guy thing. She's done the egg thing. She's even done the no-makeup thing. Read more on
PHOTO: Now the singer covers the October issue of Harper's Bazaar and is looking more shocking than ever: natural. For more
For more, click over to Radar. WATCH: Lady Gaga always has a reinvention up her sleeve. Of course, for Gaga, this is all
Fair enough. I love Chelsea for the same reason I love Lady Gaga: she fearlessly breaks down the barriers of what it means to be female and, frankly a human being, in 2011.
When we made our lists of the best and worst dresses of the decade, we couldn't decide which category Lady Gaga's meat dress
The Daily News recently visited the Homestead to video its butchers designing the dress. Waitress Mery Lopez donned 112 pounds
Fashion is supposed to be fun, but for Gaga it's also brainy. What is she trying to say with that Kermit the frog dress? What does the teacup mean? Are those rockets on her boobs?
Another butcher remarked, "If it's fresh meat, you're going to get blood, juice, all over everything you's not