lady gaga new album

Please be better than "Artpop," please be better than "Artpop."
"If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much
ARTPOP hits shelves on November 11. The superstar singer recently unveiled the tracklist and artwork for her record's release
The first two trailers for Robert Rodriguez's "Machete Kills" featured Lady Gaga hardly uttering a word. Now she's front
Lady Gaga revealed she is in the "final days" of work on "ARTPOP," which she must submit on Sept. 29. Listen to the full
When a fan tweeted Gaga asking if any songs off "ARTPOP" will be similar to "Dance in the Dark" from 2009's "The Fame Monster
Or lack of clothes. Naked studio sessions seem quite tame, comparatively speaking. To which Gaga responded that ARTPOP will
Little Monsters, rejoice! Lady Gaga has confirmed that the title of her new album is ARTPOP. On Sunday, Mother Monster tweeted
O'Neill alleged that for $75,000-a-year she had to cater to Gaga's every whim at any hour of the day or night. According
Lady Gaga must be in an Empire State of mind, because she gave her Little Monsters a special treat Sunday night. Sitting