Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Twenty years of democracy in South Africa is ample reason to celebrate the coming-together of cultures. And that's what Inala, which kicked off a three-week national tour on Wednesday at London's Sadler's Wells, is clearly all about.
The Skivvies appeared. They took off all their clothes, except their underwear, which was not minimalistic but pretty revealing. There was a drummer who also took off his clothes. All three were ... well-made.
It's not often pop music can acknowledge the uncertainty of life without succumbing to dread or pomposity. Simon slips in the needle when we're not looking, giving us the comfort of the music even as he details exactly how scared we truly are.
I was flattered when I was asked to write the introduction to the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Paul Simon's 'Graceland.' There is music that sticks to you and sustains you and grows with you and pushes you to grow with it. 'Graceland' is all those things, and more.
The documentary pays tribute to the 25th anniversary of Graceland and chronicles Paul Simon's 2011 visit to South Africa since the '80s to reunite with the album's musicians.
Founder Joseph Shabalala strode onstage with his casual authority and kicked off the show with the prayer-like "Ofana Naye
We've probably been taking this legendary South African act for granted. Like most people, I was introduced to Ladysmith