Lafayette, Louisiana

Emily Istre of Lafayette, Louisiana, nursed Willamina the squirrel back to health, a process she said was "like having a toddler on meth.”
A sixth passenger was in critical condition after being rescued from the burning wreck.
This past January, I wrote 2015 must be the year America addresses its mental health crisis. The circumstances surrounding
A 9/11 memorial in Lafayette, La. was targeted by vandals on the eve of the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks. In a controversial bit of guerrilla "art," suspects attached two cardboard cutouts of planes exploding into the monument's model of the World Trade Center towers, KATC reported. The planes included references to New World Order and the Eye of Providence, two popular themes among conspiracy theorists and truthers who question the details of the 9/11 attacks.
A viewer photo at KATC suggests a cartoon cutout of President George W. Bush was also found nearby. Police are reportedly
I'm not offering a magic bullet to close the achievement gap. Complex problems, unfortunately, tend to require complex solutions. But I can think of two key elements to any effort to address the gap.
Lavergne attempted to get rid of Shunick in an isolated field, but, revived, she again took his knife and stabbed him in
As a mayor, I am fortunate to live in a very forward thinking community. I strongly believe that as state and federal governments grow and become less manageable, people need to look to local government for real solutions and real answers.