In recent years, the budget has been able to grow slightly to the point where it is now at $519 million to support a sworn
Distributed by MCT Information Services (c)2013 the Daily News (Los Angeles) Cummings wants to start the program on a six
Rosemary Roberts Cloud is Fire Chief for the City of East Point, Georgia, and the first African American Female Fire Chief in the United States. In her position, she is responsible for managing four fire stations and 100 employees, in a city with 40,000 residents. She joins us to talk about the state of female firefighting in the U.S.
"We need up to eight people at an incident," Cummings said. "We have people providing care and then others who bring in equipment
213-978-0390 The task force came up with 17 recommendations to implement in the coming months -- on everything from providing
In a follow-up video, Hudson says, "I don't keep cleaning supplies underneath my cabinet at all anymore ... I've learned
“I consider myself very, very lucky,” said Captain David Wolf. “The next thing I remember I was in the dirt, a kind of flower
How many more unfortunate tragedies like the March 2nd fire in South Los Angeles have to occur before something is done? Any way we look at it, it's taking far longer for our firefighters to respond to an emergency than it used to.
Last year, the City Council voted unanimously to reduce LAFD staffing. Let's take a candid look at how things turned out in the Los Angeles Fire Department.
The owner of the vehicle is "doing alright" and wasn't injured in the event, says his granddaughter, commenting on the YouTube
If it is on a call, a backup fire truck or engine will have to travel a greater distance and sometimes up steep inclines
I'm not doing this because I want to. I am doing it because I have to. I did not run for Mayor on a promise to reform public pensions.
Instead of viewing the City of Bell through a stereotype that Latinos are greedy, why don't we expect people to act like Latino businessman and political activist Joe Sanchez?
The bottom line here is that citizens, government, media and NGOs can collaborate in unprecedented ways using innovative technology.
The results of my latest audit about the City's billing and collections practices show that a critical part of City government is not working as it should.
In an amazing act of valor, the Los Angeles Fire Department air rescue unit rescued a dog from the raging waters of the Los Angeles river after days of torrential downpours.
I want to thank the LAFD and the LAPD for stepping up and performing at their best this week when Los Angeles was hit with several, severe rainstorms.