laird hamilton

Laird Hamilton's suggestion was based on a misconception about menstruation and the ocean.
Me. I'm totally that kind of spouse, apparently. Well, that settled it then. We decided on the spot to just YouTube a lesson
"It’s very difficult to judge surfing because surfing is art."
By any name it's extremely cool. If George Jetson had ever taken up surfing, this is what it would look like. He's on a board
The video, which was shot this past winter by Hamilton, was nominated for's 2015 GoPro of the World, an annual
According to Bo Bridges (a surf photographer who seems to be at the right place at the right time a lot), when the trapped
Surfers -- as cool and chill as they seem -- are actually a lot nerdier than you think. And it's their mild obsession with
Core workout and "flow of movement" aside, the GolfBoard is definitely a bro's antidote to golf monotony. As surfing blog
Trust me folks, when you see the Sochi Olympians barreling down the hill, they are being pummeled by unimaginable G-Forces. It's too bad that on-board sled cameras cannot capture that aspect. If they could, the sport of bobsledding would go through the roof.