Lake Bell

Jackie K Cooper The film is rated PG for some scary characters and cartoon violence. There have been
If you want escape, see No Escape. How refreshing to see Owen Wilson's acting talents used to portray a range of emotions beyond comedy.
"What I find most interesting is sort of the conflict with wanting to be a part of organizations that empower women ... or
"Man Up" harks back to the genre's classic mistaken-identity schemes, with Nancy (Bell) going along with it when a stranger
It's rare that editors here at The Huffington Post have a conversation about Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models that's not
"Because I love the story so much and I love the project, I feel the responsibility ... to adhere to the story and honor
Lake Bell has become something of a fashion icon, emerging with one of the coolest wedding dresses of all time and always
Lake Bell is officially a mom! The 35-year-old actress and her husband Scott Campbell welcomed a baby girl, her rep told
Creeks had overflowed. Dirty, muddy water everywhere, way too high to drive through. Actually, impossible to drive through because you wouldn't get through it. You'd lose your car in it.