lake erie

The ice shove shut down a parkway and started to "bulldoze trees and street lamps."
The lake-effect storm made this month the snowiest on record for the city -- by more than 30 inches.
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It almost looks like an ice sculpture, but there's a real car hidden in there.
From pictures of friends bringing their newborns to the beaches of Lake Eerie for the first time, or family posing for photos at a beach barbecue, the lakes serve as an important reminder of the memories they can make simply by allowing us to enjoy them.
The Great Lakes connect more than 40 million people who live in the region through shared coastlines and drinking water, a trillion-dollar economy, and governmental partnerships.
Did the towns have any links to New England -- maybe a special sense of history, a general store or central green? Could I find New Bostonians with a soft spot for the Celtics, or a taste for scrod? It would take a road trip to find out.
California's multi-year drought grew dire enough in 2014 to prompt Governor Jerry Brown to declare a drought emergency in January. By the end of the year, California had experienced the driest and hottest 36 months in its 119-year instrumental record.
It is amazing, spooky and utterly unacceptable for the citizens of a civilized nation to be deprived of safe and sufficient water because of pollution and inadequate infrastructure -- especially when they are perched at the edge of the Great Lakes.
Toledo's water crisis is over, for now, but the "perfect storm" that created it rages on.
Algae from Lake Erie washes ashore at Maumee Bay State Park August 4, 2014 in Oregon, Ohio. Toledo, Ohio-area residents were