lake erie

The Holi festival, hurling royals and ice-covered houses round out this week's best images.
The ice shove shut down a parkway and started to "bulldoze trees and street lamps."
The lake-effect storm made this month the snowiest on record for the city -- by more than 30 inches.
Cross-posted from If you’re looking for fairy tales that are on the grim (not Grimm) side, things that once
Karen Leclair's body hasn't been found.
NEBRASKA: OMAHA Located on the Missouri River, this city on the Lewis and Clark Trail is worth a visit. One highlight is
The plane was en route to Ohio State University.
It almost looks like an ice sculpture, but there's a real car hidden in there.
From pictures of friends bringing their newborns to the beaches of Lake Eerie for the first time, or family posing for photos at a beach barbecue, the lakes serve as an important reminder of the memories they can make simply by allowing us to enjoy them.