Lake George

When you have small children, memories are made anywhere. Kids do say the funniest things, and their constant growth allow
Read this headline and you're most likely thinking "Oceanfront" -- but in this case, the water body can be ocean, lake or even river. These ten hotels and inns in the Northeast US stand out for beauty, design, service and overall ambience.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Lake George's superb geography attracted adepts of the gilded age who built palatial
It had the date "2-6-60" engraved inside.
We stayed in the spacious lodge suite within steps of the pool, which, in turn, were a few steps away from the mighty lake
Not only do many lakeside getaways provide the same awesome temperatures and activities as beach locales, but they're also often calmer and cheaper as well.
These New York State mountain and lake towns were deep breaths of fresh air to our forebears who built grand resorts to escape the city heat. Each successive generation continues the tradition.
The lake seemed so big and mysterious when I stood right in front of the water. But from the top of the mountain, it felt innocent and easy to embrace; tucked, like a child, between the woods.
Whether you call it leaf peeping, foliage following or just "spending a day outside," enjoying fall's colors is one of the simplest joys of this wonderful time of year. Whether you're practically a professional leaf-peeper or just a casual enthusiast, you'll need to know where to take in the season's splendor. Of course, there's much more to autumn than looking at leaves.
We had no pieces of paper with confirmation numbers or directions: All we had was an iPhone to get us around.