Lake Tahoe

Washoe tribe expresses "great appreciation" for the "Tahoe Palisades" change that "many have worked toward for decades," said the Tribal Council chairman.
Firefighters have set up a Lake Tahoe base camp at Heavenly ski resort.
Firefighters are bracing for strong winds as the Caldor Fire threatens South Lake Tahoe.
Local officials issued an emergency declaration and a tourism group discouraged visitors from coming amid smoky skies from the Caldor Fire.
Thousands of firefighters are trying to box in the Caldor Fire, which has shrouded the popular vacation spot in ash and yellow smoke.
The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star shows off a glow that many people thought was a clue to a digitally altered photo.
Don't worry -- the mama and her young were safely escorted out of the Lake Tahoe home by the BEAR League, a local group that helps bears in sticky situations.
“Our only hope is that this tragic accident will help others to take heed and use extreme caution when they are recreating in the area.”
She was at the same Lake Tahoe event where Trump allegedly chatted up Stormy.