lamar alexander

The activist defeated James Mackler and will face Republican candidate Bill Hagerty in the race to succeed Sen. Lamar Alexander.
"It would help if from time to time the president would wear one," said Senate health committee Chairman Sen. Lamar Alexander.
The Republican senator has no symptoms and tested negative for COVID-19, but will remain home out of an "abundance of caution."
A new plan in the House would allocate emergency sick day funding to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, while also creating a permanent employer mandate.
The legislation put forth by Democrats would guarantee 14 days of paid leave for workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
However, the president continues to maintain he did nothing wrong.
The Tennessee lawmaker said he's going to vote to acquit the president anyway.
They've offered tortured explanations for why no witnesses are needed in his Senate trial and why he shouldn't be removed from office.
The trial of President Donald Trump is now the first U.S. impeachment trial to feature no witnesses.
A pivotal vote on witnesses Friday could set the stage for Trump's quick acquittal.