"Once he stopped chasing the flock that was incapable of seeing him, an instinct emerged."
Is this the most underrated meat of them all?
“There’s plenty of meat on him for chops," the farmer points out.
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In a large serving bowl, add a base of the rye berry mixture with 4 pieces of the fig quarters around the plate. Place 1 lamb shank onto the bed of rye berries and pour some braising liquid lamb; then serve.
Gwen Stefani Hasn’t Aged Since 1996
As film festivals go, Sarasota Film Festival is hard to beat, for films, parties, and people.
I swear, lambs are totally nuts! One day, I biked along a meadow, when I suddenly witnessed some strange white movements from the corner of my eye. Some lambs were jumping around like crazy, and for a moment I wondered if they might be suffering Mad Sheep Disease.
Do you remember those old commercials where off-beat salesmen ramble on about their item that does it all or simply "slices and dices?" No? Well, watch this and you're welcome.
Things can get dicey in the hot, tiny, bustling quarters of a kitchen, of course, even for the kindest of chefs.
Personally, I love the taste of lamb. Actually, I love any foods with Middle Eastern flavors. Give me my Syrian Salad and a little rice pilaf, and I'm one happy camper.
Lamb gives some people the shudders. I know -- I used to be one of them.
Just lookit 'em running back-and-forth, bouncing merrily along. Meridian Jacobs Farm specializes in weaving and spinning
This isn't clever plating; it happens automatically when some of the sauce slides over the rice. Looks great, doesn't it?