Lambda Legal

The lawmakers made it more difficult for transgender people to change the sex listed on their birth certificates despite a U.S. court ruling banning such obstacles.
“Today’s development ensures that the door stays open for seniors who were wrongly locked out," Lambda Legal said.
The update, intended for transgender and gender nonconforming residents, requires a computer system overhaul before it can be implemented.
Eden Rogers and Brandy Welch say a waiver granted to religious foster care agencies allows the groups to discriminate against prospective foster parents.
“We have optimism that we’re going to win the war,” one activist said.
The plaintiffs, identified as Richard Roe and Victor Voe, called their dismissals “unconstitutional and improper.”
LGBTQ activists and supporters are mobilizing for a Monday rally at the White House.
The LGBTQ group's internal chaos comes at a terrible time as queer America battles the Trump administration’s hostility.
Marsha Wetzel says she was threatened, spit on and knocked over by the home's residents.
David Buckel said he killed himself with "fossil fuel" to show "what we are doing to ourselves."